Merchant Acquiring:
Why now?

Discover why (and how) merchant acquiring can unlock significant future revenue for banks in our latest report.


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Acquiring used to be the poor relation to other SMB banking services. But not any more.

Merchant Acquiring, if done right, now offers a once in a generation opportunity to generate revenue and relevance for small business customers. But it's not just the banks who can capitalize.

Intense competition from FinTechs and challengers is increasingly threatening banks’ market share in payment services — there has been a 26% gain by FinTechs in the past 5 years — and who now offer an ever-growing set of connected merchant services.

In this guide, we discuss how to:

  • Gain insight into existing and future challenges from digital-first rivals and the potential impact on merchant acquiring business 

  • Develop a strategy, leveraging the power of acquiring data, to build deep engagement with SMB communities

  • Prepare to unlock 4x-6x revenues by delivering additional, relevant services & accelerate go-to-market models

How banks like NAB and NatWest harness merchant data to fuel customer primacy

Pollinate was founded to partner with major banks around the world to deliver revenue and market share through acquiring. Payments data has the potential to both strengthen SMB relationships and unlock future revenue opportunities.


Capture revenue

Merchant data can unlock new revenue streams up to six times greater than payments services alone.

Drive efficiencies

Harnessing the power of data reduces the cost to serve, through self-serve platforms and digital solutions.

Transform experiences

Delivering a next generation customer experience, giving banks a competitive edge, raising NPS and reducing customer churn.

Up to 89% of bank relationships with SMBs could be at risk from FinTech challengers.
Capgemini World Payments Report 2022

New players are disintermediating banks from profitable business lines. Offers from ISVs and FinTechs are capturing a greater share of SMB’s attention and raising the bar for digital experiences. 

We believe banks can win in an increasingly fragmented and complex competitive landscape.


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