The Future of Fintech

With Ron Kalifa OBE and Al Lukies CBE

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You are invited to watch to an exclusive discussion with Ron Kalifa OBE and Al Lukies CBE, exploring the findings of the Kalifa Review on UK Fintech.

For the past 10 years, the UK has undergone a fintech revolution that has had a truly global impact. The Kalifa Review provides a clear strategy and delivery plan to ensure the UK can capitalise on the opportunities fintech presents, and how the continued growth of fintech in the UK will have a major impact on the development of the sector globally.

Ron Kalifa, as Chair of the Review, and Al Lukies as Board Member and Strategic Advisor to the Review will be discussing the findings of the report, but also reflect on the future of fintech globally, the UK’s role and how the industry can build effective alliances internationally which will be critical in the future recovery post-COVID.

You can find The Kalifa Review of UK FinTech here.